DTTS Insider 4: Detroit Assurance 5.0

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Detroit Assurance 5.0, only available on the New Cascadia, offers one of the most advanced suite of safety systems on the market, and a variety of safety features that assist drivers in their daily routines. The video and article below gives a brief overview of some of these new enhancements.

New Cascadia Ground Strategy Single Schematic

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We continue to look for new and better ways to assist our technicians. One of the ways we are looking at improving the ground strategy is to provide a single high level schematic, that details each of the ground groupings for New Cascadia. The schematic would also document the module where each of the grounds are located.

Behind the Scenes of the New Cascadia® Fuel Efficiency Tour

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Freightliner Trucks has a commitment to improving the fuel efficiency of its trucks every two years. Danny Borski, the manager of fuel consumption testing at Freightliner Trucks, and his team of engineers and technicians perform fuel economy tests to validate this improvement, both on the road and in simulators. Most recently, Borski oversaw the fuel efficiency tour for the new Cascadia, which was an on-highway cross-country fuel economy test that compared the 2016 Cascadia Evolution to the new Cascadia.

Freightliner parts, the highest quality parts, engineered for your truck

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Imitators fail because there is no substitute for Freightliner genuine parts—engineered specifically for your truck and manufactured with the highest-quality materials.

Designed and Built Specifically for Your Truck

Compromising on parts means sacrificing performance, and without the industry-leading warranty backing Freightliner genuine parts, you lose your backup plan, too.